Christine Ghali

Currently completing her Masters of Art Administration, Christine Ghali has always had a love for visual expression. She studied a bachelor of Fine arts from the then COFA (College of Fine Arts) at the University of New South Wales, majoring in ceramics. She aims to create work that challenges the audience’s view towards social, political and cultural issues. Her work mostly deals with the deconstruction of our “perfect” world, and questions our role as humans. Although she is interested in a wide range of issues, her most recent work depicts her Coptic (native Egyptian) heritage. (Exhibited at Peacock gallery –Auburn) She is interested in ceramics as a means of expression and aspires to create body of works that are thought provoking and at time confrontational.

While she is not writing her thesis or creating ceramic pieces Christine paints and draws as well as assists Penrith Regional Gallery and Lewers Bequest. Her role here at SWHQ is primarily admin as well as branding and getting the mundane office jobs out of the way.


Pffft.  MUNDANE….not even.
Christine is the oil that keeps this office on task.  Without her, Angela and I would be away with the fairies.  She’s a refreshing young and vibrant face to balance the mature-rrrrrr lol creative artists in HQ.

We laugh, eat, learn and teach each other so much.  Christine keeps us up to date with what’s the haps in the land of the Y’s.  She’s super super duper talented with her cermics, water colouring, sketching and I’m guessing whatever else she wants to take up.

A real people person who knows what being of service is as opposed to serving a customer.  There is a difference.  It’s an experience.

Yours sincerely

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