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Maureen Unasa is a contrarian Samoan woman unravelling life, love and culture through the art of Samoan weaving

EPIC FAILUREs : My recipe for success

Mentally a killjoy and physically exhausting.  Yes!  Setting goals and not getting the desired result.  Even with my pretty timelines and serial time planning of hours and days.  It has been a journey following a common behaviour of the “RE” syndrome.  REview, REevalute, RE-set and REstart.

Isn’t that exactly the common behaviour our lives seem to follow?  Or do we just RE-sign ourselves to a life of what-evers?

This journey has certainly been a series of epic failures (in the moment) with a firm focus on a finish line.  Eyes on the road Rhonda!  Thanks AAMI.  I am definitely looking forward to my reward.  Not Rhonda’s Bali but definitely my Samoa in January 2013.

Our lives are cliches or cliches are derived from lifes experiences.  We can  and like to read, interpret, ponder and quote them until the cows come home. However, if you want something magical to happen in your life, then  BE the cliches that you love.  Cliches only work when you do the work.

Itching to reveal some photos but that would just be being a spoil sport.  There are only 4 days to go.

Final touches completed today with a little addition that is definitely optional depending on the feedback.  Ninety nine percent confidence in the adhesive attaching the calico panels to the gold ribbon fine mat and my trusted expert opinion will be sought tomorrow.

Yeeeeah!  I’m like an anxious school girl taking her school project in to be assessed and marked tomorrow.  My experience is  relief and satisfaction in completing the set task.  Time to spare is a very rare warm fuzzy in my world. 🙂  Two snaps, a clap and one massive pat on the back for me.

Have a great week and remember to BE your favourite cliche!