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Maureen Unasa is a contrarian Samoan woman unravelling life, love and culture through the art of Samoan weaving

What is my game plan?

Review time and game plan.

I can do it!  I can do it!  This has been my mantra since I took on this project.  It sounded like it was coming through a big massive megaphone in the last week.  The goal of achieving one meter in length by Sunday 22nd of July 2012 for the gold ribbon fine mat I am weaving was definitely bold.  Hence the mega-phonic “I CAN DOOOOOO IT!” ringing in my head last week.

So typical when I am gunning for something that setbacks occur.  It’s a natural part of the process and I’ve learnt to go with it.  Not beat myself up about it.  (OK, maybe a little whinge before letting it go.  I am still human).

Been crook since Sunday and coming right as I write.  Perfect opportunity to reflect and reassess the situation.  Thank you body for forcing a much needed opportunity to re-evaluate my game plan for success.  Even managed to work on some of the petals for the top row.  Hello?, I’m only down not out!  So cliche.  No rest for the wicked!

Currently the gold ribbon fine mat is at seventy five centimeters in length.  Technically I am now fifty percent of the way there.

I did some quick calculations based on the last five centimeter long by one meter wide section I completed.  It took me two hours to weave this last section.

Facts are essential for sound decision making in the business of weaving

I love the story numbers can tell especially “time”.  Precious because of the illusion.  Quality of time-usage determining the quality of my life.

My timeline coupled with my quick calculations provides clarity while allowing for change and the unexpected.

Especially allowing time for family.  I am grateful for mine.  They have been so great in downgrading to the craft table for meals, helping with preparing meals, daily chores, laundering their own clothes, entertaining annoying six and almost four year old and adhering to the imaginary police tape in the dining area.  For these reasons and more I am blessed abundantly.

I leave you with some food for thought:

What blessings are you grateful for in your life?

What game-plan do you have for everything that is important to you?

What is your game-plan for your life?

Is your life game-plan based in right NOW or the illusion of LATER?

Until next time….Keep warm





First for everything

CLICK on the photo to watch my first video

Yippee no reading for you!

Watch this video I made by clicking on the photo on the left.

The video will show you how to weave a single strand.

My intention is to get some step by step video guides for those who are interested and cannot access awesome amazing teachers like mine.

Looking forward to the family trip back to the homeland in January 2013 so I can get more footage of how the “REAL” authentic weavers weave.

Enjoy the video and I appreciate all feedback about  the video or my haphazard weaving style.