The only exception

Birthday Card from cousin Sia

Many men have  impacted and shaped my life.  None more so than my super hero.  My Dad.

There is but one exception.  He is the only exception. (head singing “You are the only exception”)

Watering up as his face floats in front of my screen….My uncle….you are the only exception.

You left this world on January 17th 2012 and I could do nothing to stop your journey on that path.

You left 4 words ringing loud and true in my heart and these words always push me forward in the next step in my journey.


So here I am doing that.  Following my heart in all that I do.  Time is the illusion that hides behind someday, one day, maybe.

Your death is the birth of this new journey to unravel my heritage and the beauty of our culture.  Your giving spirit continues without your physical presence.  Bittersweet Thank You.

I made you a flower to go with your birthday card cousin Sia made.  Happy Birthday Uncle T.  Always with me XXX

Happy 57th Birthday Uncle T




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