Getting the gift of Perspective?

11:27pm 24 Dec 2012.  Christmas Eve.  No tree.  No presents.  No preparations.  No cooking.  No thing.

Just finished watching, “Shutter Island” with my little medium sized Samoan family.  May not have been entirely appropriate viewing for the four and six year old although their interpretations of the story was to my amazement.

Failing to provide responsible viewing for my children probably pales in comparison to the lack of good cheer and enthusiasm around here.  I do believe (in my children’s eyes) that I have absolutely failed in every aspect of being my regular awesomeness and attractiveness.

It’s hard to  ascertain at this stage but I am seeing some signs of “hopefully” floating around above their heads.

“Hopefully”, mum is just pretending and she’s got this awesome surprise she is hiding from us.  She has really outdone herself this year that we have absolutely no hint of her surprise.

SURPRISE.  It is true kids.  There is nothing hidden about nothing.  It isn’t difficult to hide nothing.

My husband and I have discussed at length with our children since day dot, that our family trip is our Christmas gift, celebration, end of year reward and all the other possible ways to frugally roll every celebration into one.  Throw in the conversation of the abundance of blessings we have to be thankful for and Bob’s your uncle.  No uncle Bob around here.

Christmas grinch I am not.  We have been clear.  Before Cyclone Evan hit Samoa it was the plan.

It has been very entertaining witnessing the madness while we just mosey around the malls.  Watching the business marketing strategies being deployed online and through mass media.  Am I mean mum (probably according to my kids) or simply being the example of what I speak.

It really is not about the presents and the food.  We have no great feast prepared.  It’s another day and simply blessed to be together.  Blessed for air-con, roof, power, food, water, sanitation, healthy living conditions and the list goes on.

Being able to help out in Samoa is simply timing.  We are all stoked, kids included, that our upcoming trip will have meaning. It will be special.  It will have lessons for all of us.  It really will be the season of giving.

Perspective.  What’s important is what can not be replaced.

Happy and Safe holidays and an abundance of blessings always 🙂

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