Where it all began….

Demonstrating frugal probably tastes the same as premium, made budget in “budget coffee” an overstatement. At minimum I was hoping for drinkable.  This frugal demonstration could not crack a grin to bear the pain of it.  “Absolutely abhorrent”.  I do not waste much but one sip and I hoped it made a better drain cleaner as it went straight down the sink.

Desperation did not do it.  REDEMPTION would be the only cause of my temporary insanity.

REDEMPTION tastes bloody great with the “hazardous to your health” coffee ear marked for garden soil improvement.  Hence it was at the back of the cupboard. What’s worse than sh** coffee? That would be no sugar and no milk.  Hilarious way to celebrate a huge achievement. I think I found some caster sugar to help me out.

Sweet success swirling in the gorgeous aroma of redemption, temporarily disconnected my sensory judgement to contemplate crap coffee let alone drink it.

Absolute testimony to a well known truth of  “Success being sweeter than any reward”.

Refusing sleep on Wednesday 22 August 2012 4:02am, I wove the last strand of my first fine mat made completely out of 5mm wide gold curling ribbon strands. Two meters wide and one and a half meters long all completed.

Weaving the final strand of my first fine mat

Acknowledging myself then instantly slept deeply waking up at 7:30am. Oddly, I awoke to check if I had finished it or dreamt it finished. Our household was buzzing with excitement, awe, celebration and relief that morning.

Disbelief in it’s actual completion, not that it wouldn’t be, but just that it wasn’t something you normally wake up to. Oh yeah, “just finished weaving a fine mat”. It didn’t exist in our world and thankfully because of this art project, it is literally present.

Capturing my completed effort in all it’s glory eliciting fulfilment and satisfaction. A moment that is celebrated with a satisfying cigarette (nope I’m a non smoker now) or my second twitch fix…..a lovely cup of coffee-Moconnaaaaaaa (coffee machine still out of order arrrgh)

Celebrating success must really make all else insignificant in savouring this moment.


Redemption for my first experience in presenting fine mats at my Uncles funeral earlier in the year.  Never did I feel and look like a plastic Samoan.

Born in Samoa but absolutely clueless in the protocols. Raised to be respectful and successful left no room for Samoan culture.

Presenting a fine mat upside down with my other uncle present who was a high ranking church official-EPIC FAIL with a massive SAD FACE :(.   Sorry Uncles. I hope one of my uncles was laughing. (sheepish laugh)

PLEASE, can I just wrap myself in this upside down fine mat and roll out of the garage.

REDEMPTION IS SO SWEET…..If you fail at  presenting a fine mat, then make one.


My fine mat presentation

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