144cm wide x 67cm long (R) x 0cm long (L)

Progress so far and quick updates of project found at facebook

Bottoms up but no cheers here.  Just head down and bottom down too.

Gunning to complete the two meter width by the end of the week.

Currently at 159cm wide and contrary to my wishes my excitement does not make thy fingers move any faster.

I thought I had come along way in the patience department with my five precious cherubs.  They have exercised and exhausted all forms of creative patience….or so I thought.

Todays quick esipode (how my 6 year old says it but with a ‘th’ in place of the ‘s’) is to touch base and also to let you all know that there is a facebook page for Samoan Weaving HQ.

There you can find all the quick updates and progress until I get down time to provide some more thought provoking delicious reading.

Step by step video guides is what I would like to pursue next however I do not support nor do I have the resources to purchase a clone.

These two hands are strictly weaving…for now.  Kids, you know where everything is.  Help yourself and each other.

Join me at facebook now everyone…..

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