Schooling the developing frontal lobe

This was not the first post I wanted to make after one week back from my glorious trip back to the motherland.


Seriously, do not mess with a big Samoan woman with a sore back minding her own business on the bus home. Physically and mentally I will beat your @$$ if you even contemplate taking me on.

Strong words of caution to any future college kids catching the local 3:40pm bus that I may be on in the future.

“I will school you in the practises of respect and being mindful of your surroundings”.

The public bus is not for your entertainment and engaging in crude conversations with each other back and forth. Have some self respect and if not, then for other paying users of public transportation especially the elderly that were en route with me.  Angels saved you today because your oversized back packs just missed knocking the heads of some of my fellow elderly commuters.

The public bus is not your school yard, a night club or your local pick up joint. If my children behave in such a manner anywhere in the world while I still breathe, I hope another caring individual will school them too AND let me know. Because when my child gets home, I will initiate the way of the jandal.

I will be contacting these schools tomorrow to advise that this disgusting behaviour needs to be addressed either in the home or at school.

I do not care much for your personal privacy if you are so invasive of my surroundings with your foul mouths and the eye sore of revealing your latest undies just to prove you have some on. I will school you, photograph you with the help of technology and place you up on the pedestal that you so desperately seek.

Attention is what you seek, then feel free (if you have the kahunas) to provide me your full name and your parents contact number.  I know how to make you FAMOUS!  Everyone can know how famous you are for being such an inconsiderate inappropriate human being.

Help yourself and sue me for invasion of privacy because the entertainment will add some more colour to my life.

Can all caring citizens who want to encourage self confident respectful youth (but not limited to) please stand up and speak up. Do not sit there and take it. Sometimes guidance requires some firm instructions from a stranger. The world does not revolve around these under developed developing frontal lobes which is why, when required I will speak up to assist in their development.

It matters not how old you are. If you are abusing my space and surroundings I will let you know.

“Shut the front door, you are not the only people on this bus!”

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