How to weave community…

My two new favourite materials…

Weaving communities is easy with an amazing network of like minded  passionate people.

Connecting firstly with the Pacific Womens Weaving Circle in Melbourne suggesting WeAve Parramatta as an alternative to commuting to Melbourne every month which would have been nice but maybe not really a workable option.

Strong communities thrive on working together…..even across states.  Now thats great networking.

WeAve Parramatta of the Parramatta Art Studio organised and connected me with an amazing Master(ess) Samoan Weaver who also holds her own weaving workshops in her local area of Bankstown.  These amazing women form part of what I warmly regard as my “superwomen network”.

With my recent art project all done and dusted…there is no rest for the wicked and I am wickedly addicted.

So??….when someone in the community blows the Horn of Gondor and the beacons light up one by one, the network connects across the earth.  “Gods eyes crosses borders” and the members heed the call.

Making “Gods eyes” was the call, which was beautiful weaving around two sticks in a cross formation referred to as “matariki” in the Maori culture.  This weave project was predominantly made with wool which I lacked.  Other materials were used including elastic and my abundant favourite of curling ribbon.  My pleasant surprise was creating them with raffia because my number one was too slippery and just not working how I wanted.

Hence I now have two favourites….curling ribbon and raffia.  The battle began.  Raffia was clearly winning until I figured out how to manipulate ribbon to work for with this craft.  In the end as always…I WIN!

You can experiment for yourself and make some amazing wall art for yourself using my handy dandy visual “HOW TO” guide.

My version of a “HOW TO” diagram


  • 2 sticks (I used twigs that my daughters picked while walking to the shops)
  • wool, ribbon, raffia or whatever to wind around the twigs.


  1. Pay attention because these are really tricky and my nine year old niece made two with a blink of  “Gods eyes”.
  2. Tie the two sticks together so they don’t wiggle or roll
  3. Wind your chosen material around the centre to cover it (thats the pink criss crossy part in the middle) before following the simple “HOW TO” diagram.
  4. If you still don’t get it then visit WeAve Parramatta on Facebook for some step by step pictorial instructions.

Happy crafting and don’t forget to leave me some comments and pictures of how you go.

NOTE TO SELF: I need more raffia

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