I’m making me a new body

Channelling my inner HAMO*.   The attitude.  The fighter.  The warrior.  TOA* take over.

Your will be done, not mine.  [Yeah, coz my will be suckful until now.]

black heart weave and gold weave mat

Took care of the smoking.  Keeping this present body is an open invitation for smoking to come a knocking.
The viciousness of it all.   The cycle that keeps me a happy prisoner. The payoffs.   The justifications.   The ignorance.  BLISS!

I am so over this body.  I’m gonna make me a new one.  This body hurts.

The knees are squeaking.  Getting up after weaving feels like they need time to warm up.   A little castrol RX SUPER heavy duty to kickstart movement.  I am forty next year.  Not four hundred.

I am not going to be in pain at forty!

What can I do?  Far out, just do something.  Commit to doing something that is not nothing every day.
Doing nothing has lost its dry humour.  No more nothing.  No more excuses.  No more blame.  No more jokes to hide behind.  This body is not fun.  This body is not a laughing matter.

Throbbing joints and breathlessness will be from exercise.

I can taste the clarity health will bring.  Breathing life into my world.  Igniting my creativity.  Energising my work. Invigorating my relationships.

My resources are at hand.

History has taught me enough.  Gym, long enough to know I CAN.   Personal trainer to correct form.
Googled enough to earn a theoretical degree in health and fitness.  The only room left up in here is for EXTREME action.

I’m ready to rock. What’s missing?  ACCOUNTABILITY.

My public declaration to transform my health is what will hold me to account.  Embarrassment can be motivating. :p  Winning isn’t everything.

Integrity will be the only thing!

A close friend, a brother from another set of parents surprised me one time.  A conversation about tattoos.  I have none.  I wanted to get some angel wings on my back.  BUT only when there was an awesome body to display the wings. (I have since rethought the wings)
“I know you Reen and when you want something you will get it”.
Bro, were you referring to your best mate who is now my husband?

This body will be celebrating forty years in Samoa with a Navy Seals theme.  From the age of twelve I wanted to join the navy or the army. YES! Initially it was the uniform.  Strength and the possibility that no-one could mess with me again was what I really wanted.

Why don’t you join me in making ouselves the bodies of our dreams!

The devil better enjoy his last day of mucking around with my mind. When my feet hit the ground tomorrow, you gonna wish for yesterday.”-Maureen Unasa 02/06/13

*HAMO: Slang for “Samoan”.
*TOA: Courage. Warrior.

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