Source of my pungent inspirating

Inspirated by the women in my life.

My mum and dad.  Forever young. XXX
My mum and dad. Forever young. XXX

Yes, inspirated is so a word.  Made famous by Cupcake on Australias MKR (My Kitchen Rules) television show.

Inspirating expirating (ok that’s my word derived from the Cupcake word  meaning to leek inspirating) from every pore.

Ooooozing from within a person that fuels their passion and love for what they do.  Deodorants and antiperspirants are offensive and cannot even contain the sweet sweat of inspirating.

Assaulting all my senses and those around me with my inspirating.

That’s my definition of Cupcakes inspirating.  I love it.

The Virgin Mary, Mother Theresa, Maya Angelou to name a few prominent women inspirate my life.

My newly created network of creative passionate women permeating my world, physically and online in the past year have raised my levels of inspirating.

The woman who have walked with me in my life and carry me through my current journey are the most pungent source of my inspirating.

My womanhood by Maureen Unasa- daughter and sister

Orphaned in her early teenage years of innocence.
Taken in by Catholic nuns with her twin sister.
Appropriately named.
Origins of words and stories.
Safe and secure in marriage.
A most magnificent, gentle and loving man.
Raising a stubborn sharp tongued daughter.
Berating her at every opportunity.
Her lack of parenting skills.
Scorned an unfit mother.
Her own ripped from her life.
Tender age of 5 or 6 years old.
She does not fully recall.
Her mother she didn’t get to laugh with.
As I do with you.
Her father reunites with her mother up above.
Her father I will never have the chance to utter, “Grandpa”.
Mum, it is my deepest desire to write your story one day soon.
Your strength, your love and your generosity is hopefully what you see in me.
Doubtful, there will ever be anyone that comes close to you.
I love you.
Thank you a thousand times over and a million times more.
I weep joyfully for the gift of having you as my mum.

The RIGHT one is my white sister.
Child by child she imprints lasting love.
Unconditional is her love.
Beyond her physical presence the countless children continue to blossom.
Each is always one to you.
You are a gift to all children especially my own.
Reaffirming the fiction of my unfounded opinions acquired in my early years.
Short is the time we have had thus far.
A magnificent journey yearned by some.
Hopefully in an entire lifetime.
Many will not share our comfortable chair.
A regretful loss it would have been.
Connectedness costs.
We’ve paid for it a thousand times over and a million times more.
Insignificant was that cost.
Pale has no comparison to the lottery I have won with you.
My brother, my niece I have because of you.
I promise to honour and cherish you all the days of my life until death do us part.
I love you and I thank you.

The ROCK be my younger sister. Coined that herself.
The reality is stronger.
Indestructible by any means or force.
Impaled in my heart is yours.
Our hearts bleed as one.
Now and forever.
Unknown till now.
We share the same pain.
Forging self determination.
Fueling your furnace of flaming resilience.
Extreme compression ineffective against your strength.
Your ability to return to original form.
Solidifies you as my ROCK.
My strength.
My energy when I need it most.
You my sister are to be feared.
I am mostly external strength.
Yours is internal.
Proven from the time of your birth.
Weak in all physical apparentness.
Extremely underestimated.
Your will and fierce spirit.
My rock when I need it most.
I love you and I thank you.

Doing a “T” is my youngest sister.
The baby she may be but packs a punch like no other.
You are my reality. You are the collective hopes and dreams of our family.
Held to ransom you drip feed me your awesomeness and attractiveness.
You transport me to another world of possibility.
You allow thine eyes to see me in you.
The vast beauty of the world through your eyes.
The memories captured in your face.
The world is yours and you own it.
You walk freely among the shackled.
Confidently you stand out in the crowd.
Daring the world.
It is your oyster.
Fearless as your own person.
Others slink in your shadows.
I admire you.
Your attitude. Your spirit. Your energy.
I use yours when mine are depleted.
I will always look out for you.
I will always look up to you.
I will always walk with you.
You have always walked with me.
I love you and I thank you.

My womanhood is lovingly embraced in all your arms.
Walks confidently in all your footsteps.
Seen clearly in all your eyes.
Speaks truthfully in all your voices.
Revealed ferverntly in all your minds.
Beats strongly in all your hearts.
I am you.
All of me.
I love you.
I thank you.

February 2013

My sisters
Love my sisters

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