Global Sisters

SWHQ is proudly partnered with Global Sisters. You can buy or custom order any of our products through the Global Sisters website or in store with 5% of all sales contributing to their fantastic organisation.

Global Sisters is a unique online platform and e-marketplace which provides a ‘start to finish’ approach in assisting socioeconomically disadvantaged women in Australia to develop an income stream via micro business or social enterprise.

The uniqueness of Global Sisters lies in the fact that it specifically focuses on disadvantaged women in Australia. It is also the only platform to provide the entire suite of support required to accelerate a business idea into a functional and fully operational micro business or social enterprise.

Experience shows  that a great idea needs more than just funding for it to be successful. Also necessary are core business and marketing skills and a sales platform to enable the concept to fly. Global Sisters aims to provide support across all aspects of this development cycle. They embrace a model of women supporting women to gain financial independence via entrepreneurship, and a personalised business advisory is a key component of our platform.

The women we will be supporting are highly disadvantaged economically and often experience extreme social isolation due to a number of complex barriers including culture, language, mental illness and generational unemployment. The online village creates a single meeting place where all women acknowledge each other as a sister and an equal. It is a safe place where every woman can come to be inspired and to inspire.

Specifically, they will work with non-government organisations and individuals directly to provide everything required to develop a sustainable online micro business – thus providing the opportunity for economic participation.

Global Sisters is working smart to achieve maximum impact with minimum resources. We are capitalising on technology, recycling money invested via micro loans, and providing one platform where those looking for support and those wishing to provide it, can meet on the online village.

Supporters can get involved via shopping and providing micro loans, business advice or in-kind support, and also by being a part of the Global Sisters community via the forum and social networking.

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