Aisea Dad? (Why dad?)

Strong and Bold : My dad


A present for my dads 64th birthday……

Aisea Dad?

A Foreign language did you speak
Only sounds. Words you did not understand
To pass a test and hoping for us to seek
A new life in the promised land.

What was it like for you dad?

*Tofa soifua to safe and familiar
*Talofa lava anxious uncertainty
“My name is Sio and I am hard worker”.
“I want better life for me and my family”.

How did you do that dad?

Copy the man and just work very hard
Follow the plan like a good little mouse
Education of children is of high regard
You save the money and buy the house

Why did you do that dad?

The best is what you did for me.
Yet a challenge is what I came to be.
Not exactly the life you had planned.
Unjust payment for a hardworking man.

What did you think dad?

Failure may have knocked at your minds door.
I know you met it with a big slam. I’m sure.
Stubborn and disobedient was my consistent talk
And still you stayed by me and continued to walk.

Why would you do that dad?

To ensure that you fulfilled your plan
Not the one made by the man
The plan you always had for me.
To always be the best I can be.

Happy 64th Birthday Dad. I hope my life thus far will suffice as my gift for you today.

[*Tofa soifua means Goodbye]
[*Talofa lava means Hello]

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