Elements of a Warrior (Part 1)

Weaving Elements of a Warrior
Strength and Courage Standing Firm and Upright

In the face of adversity a true warrior does not fight.  A warrior does not need to.

A warrior simply stands.

Two feet planted firmly on the ground.
Standing passionately for what they want.


All of the above and more takes an unshakeable STAND of epic proportions.

History is awash with examples.  Ghandi and Martin Luther King prominent in my mind.

I do not know all the intimate details of their lives.  I do know of their unrelenting stand for what they believed in.

“I have a dream” and “Being the change you want to see in the world” is taken on by strong visionaries.  Visionaries who stand firm and stare fear in the face.

The opportunity to enter The Telesa Trilogy Spirit Women Art Competition has provided yet another amazing adventure. The Telesa Trilogy is written by an acclaimed Samoan author Lani Wendt Young.

Weaving ideas for Telesa Art Competition
Honing my inner Telesa spirit to sketch ideas

A mini journey this time with three weeks to create my entry. Enough time for life to throw everything it has at me and my family.

Who are we kidding right? Life throws things at us every single waking moment of our lives. It just seems bigger when I am chasing something I want.

BRING IT LIFE! I give just as good as I get.

Telesa crown (pale) taking form
Honing the idea and natures crown is forming

While the opportunity was still fresh in my blood, I poured it onto paper. I am taking that action on as my PRACTISE. Pouring it all out. I have set up a folder of every single idea I have. I guess I will never have nothing to weave 🙂

Weaving fire and water elements for Telesa Art Competition
Fire and Water forming

A couple of days for the ideas to runneth over until I take one of them and RUN. Yip! It ain’t gonna create itself.

Air element weaving for Telesa Art Competition
The air element weaves the idea of a Tuiga (Samoan head dress)
And so I RUN with it. Weaving firstly the prototypes for fire and water. Experimenting. I am fully aware that the designs I have now will not be what I will end up with. Such is life. I have to actually GO THROUGH the whole process of elimination by experiment to see what will actually work.
Earth element planning for Telesa Art Competition
Even the earth needs a plan.

Moving onto the earth element required a little planning. This part of the process revealed itself through sharing what I have learnt with others.

I promised to do a mini mat series (still editing the last two parts) and began it during this project. Serendipity is great.
While making the mini mat mini series, the “earth” element glimmered at me.
The colours, design and its formation.

And God said, “It was good”.

Join me again for Part 2 of the Elements of a Warrior.

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