Dear teacher…..

My weaving teacher has a heart of GOLD

Practise makes perfect…or working towards it anyway.  Ugh!  Perfectionism is highly over rated.  I prefer to unleash my “awesomeness and attractiveness”.  Rrrrraaawwww…like a panda!

Had an hour of downtime last night so the stubby nail bitten fingers just began moving and manipulating this pretty gold ribbon I had sitting in my drawer.

I could hear my teachers voice, “First you make your hexagon like this” lol.

Unravelling my weaving six times last night (recovering perfectionist) allowed me essential practise of my craft.  It also demonstrated the statement my Samoan weaving teacher made.  At the time, I nodded with understanding (but really) however I didn’t grasp what she said until I practised last night.

“You can feel it and know where it’s meant to go…OR NOT”

I was quite impressed if I say so myself (I just said so myself) and gave myself my own nod of appreciation and mind hug.

Silver and gold prototype petal for Art Project

Dear Samoan Weaving teacher,

Thank you for understanding what I was trying to explain to you at our  Samoan weaving workshop on Friday 8th June 2012.

Thank you also for taking the time (in your own time) to create and send me a visual image of what was in my mind.

To thank you, I have now created, what you created from the creation that up until you physically created it was just a mere existence in my mind.

Yours sincerely……..

My little collection
“Ua ova fo’i lou showoff” (Now you’re showing off)

Thank you for entertaining my cyber showing off.  Until the next instalment…

Let me know in the comments BELOW, what you would like to see on this site…..after all….it’s about you all….NOT ME lol

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