Bullet proofing Success – Failure is not an option

An extra centimeter and re-calculating time for completion.

Life is so full on.  I love it.  Definitely need to stick as close as possible as I can to the game plan.

Re-calculating at every interval to test against the original time hypothesis.  I sound hilariously scientific like.

I do this a lot in my life.  Do not be alarmed.  I do not count how many paces it takes to get to school on time nor do I avoid the cracks in the footpath so I don’t break my mothers back.

I am simply checking the reality of my time so I do not set myself up for failure.  ( I have done that many a times in the past)  It is not a nice feeling I am sure you wil agree.  Especially if it was within your control to prepare.

Failing and giving everything you got and leaving no stone unturned is a totally different story.  Celebrate that kind of failure.  It is the best kind of failing.  It provides the best lessons and pushes you well beyond your own assumptions of your limitations.

However my plan (on this occasion) appears bulletproofed for success. Contingency plans are also filed nicely within reach.

We are now at two meters wide and eighty six centimeters long.  Woohoo! An extra centimeter ahead of the game plan.  Celebrating that centimeter and all the difference it could make to my success.

Celebrating 2 meters wide by 86cm long.



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