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Embrace the Hate

When a pioneer steps up to the plate there will always be hate.

It’s interesting then that everything arises out of an experience.  Then a conversation analysing that experience.

The experience may or may not have worked.  The experience is the catalyst for conversation of implementation.  Implementing rules or guidelines that may (if willing) evolve with time.

Some experience lay foundations for practices and beliefs.  At the time of it’s inception it occurs that this is how it will be.  A permanent feature.  An absolute in nature and kind.

Possibly, the notion of absolute would work without the introduction of NEW.

New arrived in the form colour bearing pretty unnatural and ultimately destructive lures against the land and its inhabitants.

I’m not displaced.  Displacement occurs in the mind.
I embrace. I evolve.
There will always be hate when a pioneer steps up to the plate.
Thats why it’s important to educate against the hate
It is never too late. Let the past and present mate.
Educate to eradicate hate. We are not late.

I do not belong. To any one group.
To separate myself is to segregate my mind.
My mind is the most powerful and that which i protect.
My mind creates the content of my life.
It fuels the words I use.
It makes the sense of less.
It unravels and smashes a conversation to pieces.
It rebuilds the conversation through context.

I get it. I understand the need for preservation.
Hoping against the defiance of time. It is but HOPE.
Hope is for the hungry. Hope is for the undeniably oppressed.
The world of my mind is abundant. The soil of my life is fertile.
Ideas grow wild. Aligned with mother nature she will nurture.
Mother nature will guide. She teaches me. She shows me.
I walk with her and not the testosterone of humanity.
My ego she keeps in check.

Our ways. Our practises. Our beliefs. Our traditions.
It all began with a seed. An idea.
It grew. It was nurtured.
It died. Replanted. Multiplied.
It grew wild. It spread. It adapted.
It evolved. Embracing the environment.
It teaches. It shares. It aligns with the present.
Rooted in history. It is not held to extinction.
It grows towards greatness. Embrace.

Fear not the path of greatness. Know the path itself won’t be.
The path will be hacked down and uprooted at every opportunity.
Nature is designed that way.
Replant. Grow. Multiply. Spread. Adapt. Evolve. Teach. Share.
Embrace the path.