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Fraudster Alert!

Yesterdays creation 13/02/13
Yesterdays creation 13/02/13

Doubting myself and the skill of my hands is like spiralling down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland. Never read the book but I watched Australian MKR.  The Tasmanian contestants used the “Wonderland” theme and I was starting to feel like them in their kitchen. I didn’t want to cry though because according to the mother and daughter beauty queens team, “Crying is a sign of weakness”. Makes me want to slap the daughter and see if I can produce some tears.

Ooops pardon me. This is not a post about “My Kitchen Rules”.

Feedback in Samoa (ok just my family lol) on my little weaving creations were very humbling (cue outward humility while doing my jig and waving hands in the air in my mind). Yeah, I do “humble” really well on the outside.

My family were “astounded” I say, at how I could weave. I didn’t know whether to be offended at first. They were baffled at how I could weave when I don’t live in Samoa.  Secondly, how could I  possibly weave with something as delicate as curling ribbon. (Well you know, I’m just awesome)

(Cue professional sounding expert) I shared my story with them.  The kids school project and learning from a master weaver to create what is now dubbed as “The Golden Mat”. (oooo I love that) Explained the intricacies of working with ribbon and the satisfaction it brings me to create cultural art with contemporary materials. (Can’t remember what made up Samoan words I used)

Ooooo’s, ahhhhh’s and Samoan wow’s (oka oka ia oe, ese lou poto – wow to you, you are so clever). Yeah tell me about it, I non-humbly say in my head.  At least it wasn’t the other kind of  “WOW” I got from my uncles with the added handspans making me out the size of a whale.

Cute little pink gift bag prototype.
Cute little pink gift bag prototype.

Seeking some serious weaving tutorials from my family of weaving experts kind of didn’t really happen except the one time I was taught how to make a pola (Samoan blind and when pola’s are attached together they work like roman blinds).

Tables turned, I showed one family member how to make flowers and lilies so she can bust out her awesomeness when it’s her turn to decorate the church. I showed mum how to make fancy lolly lei’s (ula lole) and left her some arrangements she can unravel in her own time. I have verbal contracts (lol) to supply SWHQ bling for a souvenir shop that my aunty is going to incorporate (undoubtedly the most relaxation I ever got) at Sevemanaia Beach Fale’s in Savai’i (that was totally a plug and you gotta go there)

WOW!  Just reminiscing on my trip I feel I am on the right track with my weaving. Unique and original. Personal and handmade from the heART. I think I have shaken the “fraudster” now I think back to those reactions.

There is so much I want to do and only one pair of hands. The mind is furiously creating and filing ideas.

BREATHE LADY! (cause otherwise I might will die if I don’t)

Before anyone asks me for orders or my family harasses me again to SELL SELL SELL, I have this to say…..

Seriously tested my love for curling ribbon - was a fiddly one especially when you teach yourself
Seriously tested my love for curling ribbon

Everything I do is an expression of who I am.
I work from the heart.
It satisfies my soul.
The process is unravelling myself and my life.

My intention is always to produce ART first.
Secondly, to serve the communities I am a part of.

The money will come. There is a (loose) plan.

So you better start saving now bwahahahahaha. Hopefully I am not all unravelled and get all tangled up.


Elements of a Warrior (Part 2)

Brown and olive earth weave pale
Earth pale (crown)

Awakening my earth spirit brings forth my gratitude and love for our planet. I have taken on an as many little actions towards simple, sustainable and self sufficient living.

It is a challenge going against the norm. We are consistently being anaesthetised by media.

Returning home to Samoa seems like the only real option for me to fully own my stand for our planet. Just doing my bit and others can choose for themselves.
If only we were actually choosing freely.

Weaving air elements with white and silver curling ribbon
Swirling emotions with the air elements

Swirling emotions create unexpected delights through an outlet. My outlet is weaving and words. It is pure therapy.

I am seeing the importance of every individual having their own “thang”(thing).

When life gets all up in your face, your “thang” will take you through it. The “thang” has attitude. It’s your attitude. It’s your passion. No-one can mess with your “thang”. It’s yours. It’s what you use as your outlet. It’s constructive. It’s productive. It’s you.

Weaving flame element prototype Telesa Art Competition
Flame on 1: Unleash through weaving
Weaving fire element prototype 2 for Telesa Art Competition
Flame on 2: Don’t hold back
Weaving fire element 3 prototype for Telesa Art Competition
Flame on 3: Unleash your inner fire

Taking everything life throws at me and hitting back just as hard. Manifesting itself in my weaving. Festering NOT within me.

My life is my weaving and vice versa. They are not separate. It is my life. All of it.

My children, my committments, my family, my community, my world. It is all my life.

Weaving water element with blue and silver curling ribbon for Telesa Art Competition
Power of water generating life

Acknowledging my life. Accepting my life for what it is right now. What it is not makes no difference.

Going with the flow. Letting my passion generate the direction.

Embracing everything in this journey. Being at the source of my life. I am responsible for my life.

I have the power to generate my own my life.

Weaving and a mirror creates the water element for the Telesa Art Competition
Reflecting your soul

Take a good hard look in the mirror.

I am satisfied and fulfilled with where I am right now. It is perfect for me.

I have more to learn. I am willing.

My life is a reflection of who I am.

Weaving Earth Water Fire Air elements for Telesa Art Competition
The powerful force of a Warrior

I believe families cause world peace.

Stand for our families and the rest will sort itself out.

The Warrior stands because the Warrior is a powerful force within.

Be at the source and force of your life.