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Careful what you ask for…

“Seeking culture” is the title of an album I ¬†created in my personal face book page of my first weaving session with WeAve Parramatta on April 20th 2012.

Mini samoan mat weaving in white curling ribbon
For one of my 3 amazing sisters XXX

Since that day of weaving my first mini Samoan mat I,

-have woven a fine mat out of gold curling ribbon

Samoan fine mat weaving in gold curling ribbon
The Golden Fine Mat

-have created and manage my own website/blog and NOW trialling SWHQ by Maureen Unasa

Samoan weaving hq bangles
Handwoven with HeART

-write poetry for self-therapy lol ūüôā

Poem : Reap what you sow
Poetic Therapy ūüôā

-have unintentionally made a traditional Samoan headpiece (tuiga) that won an art competition

Samoan Tuiga weaving Elements of a Warrior
My winning entry for the Sydney Telesa Spirit Women Art Competition.

-have made a mini mat mini series online instructional video

-have sewn my own Samoan two piece outfit (puletasi)

Samoan weaving HQ Puletasi
Non existent sewing skills….No problemo. I am Maureen Unasa ūüôā

-have almost completed a DIY (do it yourself)shadow box frame for a wedding weaving piece

samoan weaving fine mat art black gold and white swhq
Love’s Journey

-am about to begin a woven floral project

Weaving a Red curling ribbon hibiscus ring.
Experimenting making flowers from curling ribbon

-will do a christmas weave with Year 6 students of my favourite primary school

weaving a star
All children are shining stars

-will meet (soon) and assist a sixteen year old Samoan girl with her visual arts project for next year

-have met and worked with amazing artists from all walks of life

-have met and connected with a few famous peeps

Maureen Unasa of SWHQ with Lani Wendt Young swhq
Meeting Lani Wendt Young author of the Telesa Trilogy

-have become seriously addicted to bangle-ing (bangle bling)

Samoan weaving bangles pandanus and lime:red raffia
Bangle-ing (Island Bangle Bling)

-have made lots of new friends near and far

What a roller coaster ride.

So what’s next…..

Loads of exciting possibilities in the pipe lines for 2013…but first on the agenda…….

Hanging out for a long awaited, scrimped and saved for, holiday to the land of my birth with my little family.

Reuniting with my siblings and parents after four years.  All together again.  Same place.  Same time.   Cheeeee Hoooooo.  (Samoans scream this alot when they are excited or EXTRAcited according to my younger sister. )

Sit back, sip, soak up some rays.  Who better to celebrate the year that was 2012?  With the ones that know me alllll tooooo welllll  of course hahahaha.

Abundant blessings to you all XXX

Coming in to my own

Maori flax putiputi weaving books
Maori flax weaving books I used to learn how to make flowers (putiputi)

Points of view, in my opinion confuse me. ¬†Maybe the english language has just gotten more confusing than before. ¬†I won’t even go into the efficient language of the mobile phone world which has spilled over into the rest of the world. ¬†LOL.

My kids have picked up on saying, “No offence”, before they make a statement that might offend someone. ¬†For ¬†(a real life) example; “No offence mum, but I think your bum is big”. ¬†OMG. Shock horror. ¬†I know it is big and I am not offended by the truth. ¬†But that is me. ¬†So while I am not offended I still do shush or remind my children not to point that out with other people. ¬†Especially when said children whisper really LOUD on the bus directly opposite the person. “That’s ¬†Not nice”, then replaces innocent honesty.

Oh, it’s such a mixed message world we live in. ¬†If we teach honesty then I think we could accept honesty graciously. ūüôā ¬† Teasing and bullying ¬†could be the reason why we curb any sort of remarks about the obvious. ¬†I also remind my children not to make judgements about others, treat others the way you want to be treated, how would you feel, etc…..and to “LOOK AT YOURSELF first”.

Learning about my own Samoan culture is intriguing. ¬†The present day practises of culture appear to vary slightly through opinions. ¬†“That’s NOT how you do it” was what I heard often at my uncles funeral earlier this year. ¬†(It wasn’t about me because of course I had no idea how to do anything ha ha) ¬†I thought it was interesting however and wondered if this is how it was. ¬†Different for different Samoans.

Samoan Weaving HQ by Maureen Unasa
Finding my “own” Samoan culture

The evolution of culture.  The foundations are the same with a few new interpretations as time goes by.

It seems as though I will be finding my “own” Samoan culture. ¬†Seeking my own path.

Traditional weaving and style is what I seek to learn more about, while utilising present day contemporary materials.

Curling ribbon is obviously my favourite medium followed closely by raffia.  Synthetic poly string is now a new candidate for my weaving testing.

So, do my choices of materials  and style of weaving make me less of a Samoan weaver?  I wonder?

Finding my weaving art and style is literally a work in progress.  Currently, I combine Samoan mat weaving with Maori flax flowers (putiputi)weaving.

I acknowledge the Maori people for providing such an extensive selection of resources both online and the good old fashioned books and workshops to share their weaving.  The two books I bought have taught me how to weave Maori putiputi.

Learning to make the Maori putiputi work for my chosen material of curling ribbon is a breakthrough for me.  It seems that the curling ribbon can be too slippery to use for fine mat weaving.  Hmmmm.  I beg to differ.

Embracing my Samoan culture is not about using it to separate myself from other cultures.  Learning and sharing together is the practise of commUNITY.

Weave your life your way ūüôā