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The F word

Samoan inspired bangles
Took these bangles for a test drive to the city

Fu…..n in the city does not translate into “good toimes” for me.

Picture someone wandering around in slow motion while the people of the city bustle past.  Professional circus artists with mobile phones in one hand while perfectly balancing coffee and handbag(or other attachment) in the other.

Head down with indiscreet coloured leads protruding from ears which work their way down into their bodies or other fixtures.

Concerned, I wonder if they are walking around on miniature life support that’s strapped to them.  Oh.  They must have taken the blue pill.  This is the matrix.

I must have taken the red pill.  These are just the thoughts of a suburban stay at home mother of five exploring art in the city.  So ironic.  Loathe the city, Loving the art.

“Suburban mother of five lost in the city” will be the Tuesday headlines.

Exploring  the work of other artists and their mediums was inspiring.  Still in awe at how I got lost in this city of art.

I took up the opportunity to do some work with artist Anne Laerkesen who runs the Artists Residency Program.  This program provides the space for artists to MAKE.  Without a space, I believe these amazing artists freedom to create, would be limited.

Being in that space felt like I was home.  In my element.(I know weird aye)  Maybe it was the company.  It wasn’t all about art.  It was about life, culture, parenting (lol, Just because I have five kids doesn’t make me the authority), inspiration and  challenges.  Clique I know, but “Life is Art”.

Artists are actually real people you know.  Not the airy fairy cans of soup that I had once thought.  AAAaaand there are so many forms of art.  I feel like mother bear who just came out of hibernation.

Defining my path in the art that I want to MAKE became clearer during this opportunity.  Excited much!

Weaving with black gold and white curling ribbon
Road to fulfilment

Programs like this one obviously don’t arise out of thin air. Even air has a cost in some instances now.

I have heard the “f” word come up in lots of conversations recently.  You know…..F…U…..NDING.

Anne Laerkesen has done a lot of work to get funding and provide the much needed space for these artists.  She has a huge heart for the community while exploring the art of motherhood and her own art practise.

I hate the “f” word.  I figure that the Tuesday Oz Lotto has now jack potted to $100 million next week, I won’t need any “f” for all the things I want to accomplish.  Not that I am like a real artist….yet.

PLAN B for my journey is still unknown but I know it will show itself.

Mother bear has come out of her cave and is going to eat up everything life has to offer.  Grrrrrrrrr

Grrrrreat week to all of you 🙂