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Doing what works

Wishing I was in the presence of the older generations of experience to hand skills down as practised in the old days.  Knowledge and skills passed down through the years was how things were taught.    The Mango’s Kiss by Albert Wendt brought it home for me.  Through this way of teaching you instantaneously inherit core values like respect, patience, discipline, love and commitment. (And all the others I won’t rattle on about)

Figuring it out myself
Figuring it out myself

Aunts, mothers and grandmothers teaching the skilful art of weaving to young girls from an early age.  Uncles, fathers and grandfathers teaching young men what it is to provide and maintain a working family unit.  Everyone has a role.  Everyone knows their role.  Everyone understands it’s importance.  Even if you don’t understand, it is done.  Simply, because it needs to be done.  Doing what needs to be done because it works.

My current world requires that sometimes, I just gotta figure it out for myself.

Figuring it out for myself means that sometimes I feel like a fraud as in my last post.  I know in my heart I am not one.  Creating from my own imagination with the skills and knowledge acquired so far.  It has not been handed down to me.  The few workshops I have attended to weave a mini mat has been my only hands on teaching.  Google, you tube and books have primarily handed down to me everything else.  This appears to be the modern practise of teaching yourself.  It doesn’t hand down the core values.  (Usually hands down curse words)

My concerns for raising my children in this modern world weaves its way into my creations.  This modern world of information and technology has almost sealed the fate of values and traditions.  Flashing lights and big money no longer resides in the big far away reach of the city.  It’s in my face.  It’s in my children’s face.  Screen technology teaches and hands down whatever it wants you to digest.  Conforms thinking.  Skews reality.  Creates confusion.  Values optional.

Does there need to be a cost for progress?

Doing what needs to be done in your role because it works OR free thinking and freedom of speech because it’s your God given right to have it.  Objections, protesting, unfairness, inequality, legal proceedings, precedents, wars, constantly fighting all day every day.  For what?

How about your only God given right is to breathe and be grateful for that.  The end.

If things are simply done because it WORKS then why chase, change or create.  Because our species are compelled to FIX SH!* THAT AINT BROKE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Driven by ego.
Recognition’s well is dry.
Acknowledgement’s thirsty.
I want to be GOD!
Let’s play.

Seriously.  House of sticks under a coconut tree.  Let’s weave.