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Christmas 2012 rocked

weaving purple heart lillies swhq
5 more to go then the centrepiece assembly can begin

Christmas day winding down with the unco (uncordinated) dj mixing attempt by child number two.  Gotta love her.  My biggest survivor but more importantly do-er of her best always.

Accompanying Miss UnCO is the beat boxing loop, “aye daddy” by the younger two helping daddy make apple pie to compliment the french vanilla ice-cream-the only thing left in our freezer.  Five more days before we take off so freezer is in operation empty mode.

Christmas morning began with big overwhelming extremely over exaggerated hugs and loud music while frying pikelets for breakfast.

The oldest child taking over pikelet duty freed mama and papa bear to bake two loaves of fresh bread and two banana cakes just because……Just because those were the ingredients at our disposal.

Grooving to a dramatic interpretation of Kelly Clarkson’s, “Since you’ve been gone” had my youngest daughter in fits of cute giggles.  Side butt bumping can seriously injure a 4 year old.

Potato bake prepared by oldest child while second child is in charge of basting the ham.  Third child on beverage duty. Specifically fruit punch using up last of the frozen berries that have added colour to the freezer for about a month.  Salad prepared on request. LOL.

Drunk on happYness and loaded up on gratitude makes for a very Merry Christmas day.

The rain pounding down added to a very welcomed relaxing Christmas day.  I love big family get togethers and am in my element when it comes to preparation and pulling out all the stops.  This year has been so intimate and personal that it may become a regular occurrence.  Like every four years maybe.

It’s very grounding.  Refreshing.  Who would have thought my kids would survive Christmas day with no thing prepared.

Plenty to eat and drink.  Having loads of fun and doing what we love.  Access allowed to consoles for today.  DJ daddy and unCO rocking the beats.  I even made a little island dress for my niece and obviously did some more weaving.

floral island dress with yellow woven flower
My youngest rocking her cousins new dress. Notice her woven flower 🙂

I have six more purple heart lillies to make and then assemble into centrepieces.  Moviethon and Weaveathon is now ON.

Apple pie and ice cream done and dusted.  Caught up on the family christmas celebrations and photos online.

Another Christmas and more beautiful memories locked in with more to follow.

Did I mention that we have had an all day pyjama party.  (Don’t judge LOl) Lucky we had no visitors or we would have to pretend we were not home. 😉

Rock on 2013 and beyond