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How do I weave and blog at the same time?

Testing Google plus hangout on air with Maureen Unasa
OH yes I did…. CLICK here to watch

Delinquent blogger will be history with my new little plan of attack.

Been racking my brain and even drafted the worlds longest post ever until….

I decided to jump right in and give this a go. You will need this mindmap  below during the video to see what I’m talking about since it did not work for me for some reason. (I shall pass this on to the production team…when I get one)

Maureen Unasa Mind Map
Did not work on the live stream test 🙂

And so, this new experiencement is alot faster and funny for some, to allow you all to get the gist of where I am headed.

It appears to be an exciting opportunity to create communities without borders.  Enjoy!