Weaving Poetry

Weaving beautiful roses and bold poetry.

Stepping it up and stepping out.

What began as words rattling around in my head weaved their way into a poem.

Just like this little three quarter (as in one side is missing because the ribbon ended) frame with curled silver and gold flowers and a white miniature rose (also from the remnants of white ribbon of first ever weaving).

Picking up the ribbon and weaving a “something” until it weaves into something is pure poetry.  I added the white rose to beautify my frame and then realised I could loop through the excess strands and create curled flowers.

Rattling words weaves into poetry or my attempt at it.  Please tell me what you think in the COMMENTS.

Maybe another path to explore…..

Untitled by Maureen Unasa

Ignorance imprisons.

Injustice rage wars.

Lifes slaps.

It’s raining.

Lifes hugs.

Its sunny.

Systematic manipulation.

Systemic justifications.

Bury thy head.

Rise in complaint.

Bury thy head.

Rise too late.

Bury thyself.

Bury thy blame.

Neither matter.

In the End.

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